Motorcycle accidents can be deadly, no matter the cause. Sometimes, no driver is to blame because defective equipment caused the crash.

When a motorcycle accident happens because of defective equipment, it can be difficult to pinpoint the cause and hold the right parties responsible. The defective equipment could be the tires on the motorcycle or other vehicle. There are many possibilities when it comes to defective equipment causing accidents.

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident you believe was caused by defective equipment, contact Metro Atlanta Law Group right away. You may have the right to receive significant financial compensation.

When a manufacturer produces defective equipment, they can be held liable for the injuries that were caused. You may believe your helmet, tires, or other bike equipment are to blame for your injuries. We will investigate and find the source!

Georgia has strict product liability laws in place. Injured victims have two years from the date of their accidents to file a claim against the manufacturer. Because time passes quickly, you must speak with a motorcycle accident attorney right away.

Did Defective Motorcycle Equipment Cause Your Accident?

Motorcycles offer little protection for their riders and passengers. There is no airbag or seatbelt. When a collision occurs, bike riders take on the vast majority of the impact and usually end up with serious injuries. Many riders are even killed.

In the state of Georgia, numerous motorcycle accidents occur because of defective equipment. The following are some of the most common types of defective motorcycle equipment.

Shock Absorbers
Helmets & Other Motorcycle Gear

Defective motorcycle parts can cause issues like unexpected acceleration or lack of braking ability. When defective motorcycle gear, such as a faulty helmet, fails to protect a rider, catastrophic injuries can occur, including traumatic brain injury.

We would be remiss if we did not warn you that proving defective equipment caused your motorcycle accident is not going to be easy. This is why we urge you to seek the help of experienced motorcycle accident attorneys right away.

What Types of Injuries Occur in Motorcycle Accidents?

Motorcyclists involved in serious accidents can suffer a range of injuries. When defective equipment is involved, victims may experience the following types of injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injury

The head is the most vulnerable part of the body. Many people die each year because of head injuries. Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI), is caused by sudden, forceful damage to the brain.

This serious injury can cause permanent brain damage. Victims may face cognitive impairment, memory loss, and poor decision-making and judgment.

Spinal Cord Injuries

The spinal cord is also a vulnerable area of the body in a motorcycle accident. Injuries to the spine may include herniated discs, broken vertebrae, nerve damage, and paralysis.

Broken Bones

Broken bones are one of the most common injuries in motorcycle accidents caused by defective equipment. While even minor breaks can cause serious pain, compound fractures can leave a person permanently disabled. Broken bones also lead to mental anguish.

Loss of Limbs

One of the most devasting injuries motorcycle accident victims face is the loss of a limb. A rider’s limbs can become trapped under the bike or even ripped from their bodies in the collision. Crushing injuries often lead to the necessity of amputating an injured limb.

Torn Ligaments

Torn ligaments are common with any accident, but especially with a motorcycle collision. Ligaments may tear in the knees, ankles, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Torn ligaments often require extensive surgery and physical therapy.

What About Defective Automobile Equipment?

Some motorcycle accidents are caused by defective equipment on an automobile. Each year, it seems, automobiles or their parts are recalled because of defects or safety issues.

Under both federal and Georgia law, motor vehicle manufacturers are held accountable when defective equipment leads to accidents that cause injuries or death.

Automobile manufacturers must produce safe vehicles. If they are negligent, they must pay for the damages they cause.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident that may have been caused by a defective vehicle, we want to help you. You may be entitled to monetary compensation for the following.

All medical expenses related to the accident (Now & Future)
Lost wages or permanent disability
Mental anguish & Pain and suffering
Property damage

Motorcycle Accident Wrongful Death Claims

If a death results from defective equipment, loved ones may have the right to pursue compensation for damages that were caused by the death of the victim. If your loved one was killed because of defective equipment, you may be entitled to compensation for the following.

Funeral & burial costs
Medical bills
Loss of care & support from the deceased
Loss of income from the deceased
Mental anguish
Punitive damages

Common Types of Defective Automobile Equipment

While the vast majority of car accidents are caused by driver error and negligence, defective parts are also often to blame. The following are some of the defective parts that may cause automobile accidents.

Brakes & brake components
Gas pedals
Unsafe design
Electrical faults
Faulty airbags or seatbelts

Call For Your Free Case Evaluation

In the state of Georgia, product liability claims must be filed within two years of the date of the accident. We will help you with your claim.

Each year, hundreds of people are injured on Georgia roads because of defective automobiles or motorcycles. If your motorcycle accident was caused by defective equipment, you could be entitled to major monetary compensation.

Call us at Metro Atlanta Law Group right away. Our legal team is standing by now to take your call and help you get started on your claim.


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