We’ve all witnessed unsafe practices from motorcycle riders. Riders sometimes zoom in and out of traffic, often at high rates of speed. When motorcyclists engage in unsafe riding styles, they can cause serious crashes.

The motorcycle accident attorneys at Metro Atlanta Law Group have many years of experience helping motorcycle accident victims and their families. We put our experience to work to help you receive any financial compensation you are entitled to receive.

Unsafe Lane Changes Cause Crashes

Unsafe lane changes cause many accidents each year on Georgia roads. The following are some of the unsafe lane change moves motorcyclists make that cause serious crashes.

Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is a practice that is legal in some states. In the state of Georgia, lane splitting is strictly prohibited.

When a motorcycle rider is lane splitting, they are riding their motorcycle down the middle of two rows of slow-moving or stopped traffic that are all moving in the same direction.

Because motorcycles are much smaller and slimmer than other vehicles, riders can often get away with this behavior without causing harm. Sometimes, a rider miscalculates their move and ends up causing a crash.

Lane Filtering

Lane filtering is another move practiced by many riders. Often, lane filtering is confused for lane splitting. The two are similar but also different.

Lane filtering involves a rider moving through multiple rows of traffic while finding the best way to reach the front of the line. Lane filtering allows the rider to be in the front of the line so they can take off quickly and avoid being stuck behind a long line of cars.

Lane filtering, just like lane splitting, is illegal in the state of Georgia. While many riders have petitioned to have this practice legalized, the state of Georgia has refused thus far.

Quick Lane Changes

Quick lane changes are sometimes unavoidable in defensive driving, but some riders take advantage of their bike’s ability to move quickly, and they end up putting lives in danger.

Quick lane changes by motor vehicles can be deadly for motorcycle riders. When a car or truck driver makes a quick lane change without checking their blind spots, they can cause an accident. The driver’s main excuse is that they did not see the motorcycle.

Georgia Motorcycle Laws are Clear

The state of Georgia works to protect motorcycle riders and drivers of cars and trucks. Laws have been put in place to ensure all vehicle operators follow the rules of the road.

The following are some of the motorcycle laws that have been enacted in the state of Georgia.

§ 40-6-310: All motorcycle riders are subject to the same duties of drivers of other vehicles.
§ 40-6-311: All motorcycle riders must remain seated and shall not operate their bikes in an unsafe manner.
§ 40-6-312: No operator shall move between lines of traffic.

The law in Georgia is clear that all motorists must act safely and all owe a duty of care to other motorists. If you have been injured because of the reckless or negligent behavior of a motorcycle rider, you could be entitled to receive financial compensation.

We Are Experienced Georgia Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

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You will find motorcycle accidents are sometimes difficult to pursue. Insurance companies will do everything they possibly can to protect their bottom line and avoid paying out money.

Unsafe lane changes can be the cause of many types of accidents. Both motorcycle riders and other motorists can be to blame for an accident.

If you are a motorcycle rider who has been injured in an accident because of an unsafe lane change by another driver, you too may also be entitled to financial compensation.

We help car accident victims pursue the insurance companies and get a fair outcome. If the insurance company refuses to pay or will not pay a fair amount, you have the option of litigation.

You Don’t Have to Fight Alone!

While you certainly have the option of pursuing your claim with the insurance company alone, this is something we do not recommend. Insurance adjusters have a poor reputation for a reason.

Avoid giving statements or agreeing to settlements until you have talked to us first. We will give you expert insight into your case so you will be able to make informed decisions.

Many motorcycle accident victims come to us because they have been victimized by insurance companies. We want you to know that we hold insurance companies accountable and will not let them get by with unscrupulous practices.

Allow us to sit down with you and go over the details of your motorcycle accident. You won’t have to bring any money for payment because it is free.

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