Any large truck can be a danger on Atlanta roads, but fuel trucks are an even greater hazard. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 59,933 large truck crashes happened in 2018 alone. Out of those accidents, 4,862 involved fatalities.

Although fuel trucks account for a smaller percentage of these accidents than other large eighteen-wheelers, the results of a fuel truck crash are often deadly. If you or a loved one have been injured in a fuel truck crash, contact Metro Atlanta Law Group right away. We are a victim’s advocate!

You Could Be Entitled to Compensation

A serious fuel truck crash can leave behind great devastation. If you are the victim of a fuel truck crash, you could be awarded financial compensation for your damages and injuries.

At Metro Atlanta Law Group, we understand the great level of stress that can be caused by a serious accident. In some cases, the results are life-changing.

We will help you hold all negligent parties accountable. You may have the right to seek fair compensation from the fuel truck driver, their employer, the truck manufacturer, and even the mechanic who maintains the truck.

Call us right away to schedule a free consultation appointment. We have fuel truck crash experts standing by to take your call right now. You can begin your legal pursuit right away.

Fuel Truck Accidents Are Often Deadly

Most fuel tankers haul between 1,000 to 3,000 gallons of fuel. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports hazardous material trucks are involved in around 3% of all fatal truck accidents. Fuel trucks accounted for the largest percentage, at around 54% of all fatal accidents.

Fuel truck accidents can be deadly. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, fuel trucks cause deadly accidents because of the following.

Gas explosions
Fire-related chemical explosions
Failing fuel tanks
Ruptured fuel tanks
Explosions during fueling
Exposure to additives in fuel

Even if your fuel truck accident did not involve the above, that does not mean you are not entitled to receive compensation. Call us today to schedule a free consultation appointment. Allow us to assess your case and determine your next steps.

You May Pursue Compensation From Multiple Parties

As mentioned above, fuel truck crashes may involve the pursuit of multiple defendants. The following could be held accountable for your injuries and damages.

The driver of the fuel truck
The employer of the driver
The party who last filled the fuel truck
The maintenance company that last performed maintenance on the truck
The manufacturer of the truck
A third-party who played a role in the crash
The government or municipality responsible for road maintenance where the accident occurred

Our Fuel Truck Crash Attorneys Will Help

You deserve to receive fair compensation for your injuries and damages. The devastation left behind after a fuel truck accident can be highly stressful. On top of handling your injuries, you are then forced to deal with unscrupulous insurance companies. No one should have to do that alone!

Call us right away to start the process. You may be entitled to receive compensation for the following.

All your medical expenses, including present bills and future costs of care
Pain and suffering
Loss of income now and in the future
Permanent disability or disfigurement
Damage to your property

We Help With Fuel Truck Crash Fatalities

If you have lost a loved one in a fuel truck crash, do not hesitate to call Metro Atlanta Law Group today. You may be entitled to pursue a wrongful death claim against the negligent parties who caused the deadly crash.

You may receive financial compensation for damages such as funeral expenses, loss of income, and loss of companionship. We will advise you on all financial compensation pursuits so you are aware of your rights and the necessary steps that must be taken to file your claim.

We Provide the Straightforward Legal Services You Need

At Metro Atlanta Law Group, we treat each client as if they are our only client. Should you decide to work with our team, we will offer the following services to help you pursue your injury claim.

We Will Assess Your Case

Before getting started, we will thoroughly evaluate your case. We will take thorough notes and consider the parties that need to be pursued. Our case evaluations are free, and we work on contingency. Contingency means you do not pay if we do not win your case.

We Will Collect Evidence

We perform a thorough investigation into your fuel truck crash, including reenactment. Our goal is to gather all the necessary evidence, so we can hold the negligent parties responsible.

We Negotiate on Your Behalf

We become your advocate and represent you in negotiations with the insurance company. We will work to negotiate your settlement and advise you regarding any settlement offers you receive.

We Will Represent You in Court

If we cannot get a fair settlement from the insurance company and you want to pursue the matter in court, we will represent you. Our goal is to get you the top financial compensation you are allowed under the law.

Call Now to Schedule a Free Consultation

Call right now for a free case evaluation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Our fuel truck crash experts are standing by to take your call. Your free consultation allows you to learn about your rights and the best legal options.

Call us immediately for further information. At Metro Atlanta Law Group, we never charge our injured clients attorney’s fees unless we win their case. We will fight for you every step of the way and work towards a fair outcome.


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