You’ve been hit by a large truck, and the injuries and damages are more than you can face alone. You can still remember the crunch of metal and the sounds of breaking glass. Will these bad memories ever leave?Eighteen-wheelers are massive vehicles. Fully loaded and legal eighteen-wheelers can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. The average midsize sedan only weighs around 3,300. You can imagine how much force is brought against such a smaller vehicle. Metro Atlanta Law Group is an industry leader, and insurance companies know us all too well. We win truck accident cases for clients and ensure they get the fair compensation they are owed for their tremendous damages. If you have been involved in a truck accident, you must protect yourself and your family by getting help from an experienced truck accident attorney. You need an attorney who will fight for you!

Truck Accidents Result in Serious Injuries

While most truck drivers practice all safety protocols and follow the rules of the road, there are negligent drivers. When a negligent truck driver causes an accident, they should be held accountable. Truck accidents cause serious injuries. Semi-truck crashes injure or kill a person every fifteen minutes in the United States. This works out to around 500,000 truck accidents each year. The following are some of the most common injuries truck accidents cause. Head Injuries (Open and Closed) Traumatic Brain Injuries Broken Bones Lacerations Spinal Cord Injuries Severed Limbs Internal Bleeding & Organ Damage Whether you have suffered from some of the above or other injuries because of a truck accident, we are here for you. Do not hesitate to call because your time could be running out. The state of Georgia has a two-year statute of limitations in place. You must file a lawsuit within two years of the date of your truck accident, so do not delay.

Types of Truck Accidents we handle

What Are the Benefits to Hiring a Truck Accident Attorney?

It is frightening being in an accident with a vehicle that is much larger than yours. In the collision, it is always the smaller vehicle that takes the brunt of the damage. At Metro Atlanta Law Group, we want you to understand the benefits of hiring us to help you with your truck accident claim. The following are just some of the benefits you can expect. We will determine liability. Determining liability in a truck accident is more difficult because there are often multiple vehicles involved and more than one party at fault. We will investigate your claim thoroughly and uncover important evidence that can be used to prove your claim. With many years spent in courtrooms, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you choose the best legal strategy for your truck accident case. We offer our aggressive negotiation skills to hold the insurance company accountable. We will work to settle your case fairly. Because we work on truck accident cases daily, we understand the laws and regulations that govern truck accident claims. We will work to use the law to your advantage.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Discovering the cause of a truck accident is essential when filing a claim. You need to know how the accident occurred. Was the truck driver negligent? Is the truck manufacturer liable because of faulty equipment? The following are some of the common reasons for truck accidents. No matter the cause of your accident, we will work to help you make sense of the process of filing a claim. Truck drivers who are tired. Truck drivers who are distracted. Truck drivers who are speeding. Truck drivers who are under the influence. Truck drivers who are unskilled in handling an eighteen-wheeler. Trucks that are not loaded properly or are illegally loaded. Trucks that have faulty parts.

What Should You Do After a Truck Accident?

The aftermath of a serious truck accident is frightening and confusing. If you are ever in a truck accident, it is important to take the following steps. 1. Every party in the accident must stop their vehicles. Call an ambulance for anyone that is injured. 2. Call the police and file a police report. Ask for a copy of this report once it is available. 3. Exchange contact and insurance information with all parties. 4. Collect evidence if it is safe. Photos, videos, and notes can all prove helpful in filing your claim. 5. Seek medical care right away, even if your injuries seem minor. Shock can sometimes mask the signs of serious injuries. Make sure you tell the doctor you were involved in a truck accident so they can notate your chart. 6. Report the accident to your insurance company. You must report the accident within a few days. 7. Contact a truck accident attorney who specializes in helping injured victims get the fair compensation they are owed. If you have questions regarding your case and want sound legal advice, call our office and schedule a free consultation appointment. Because we offer contingency, you will not owe any attorney’s fees unless we win your case.

Schedule a Truck Accident Consultation Appointment Today

You’ve been seriously injured in a trucking accident. The medical bills are piling up and you can’t work. You are unsure of what steps to take to protect yourself and your family. We are here to help! Metro Atlanta Law Group has assisted hundreds of injured victims just like you. We will not give up the fight. Our goal is to make sure you receive fair compensation, and we will work diligently to protect your rights every step of the way. Call the office now. Our truck accident legal team is standing by to take your call. We will meet with you and give you peace of mind and the legal help you need.


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